NYC Heat Treatments for Bed Bugs Challenges

In New York City and other areas that have high-rise buildings heat treatments to get rid of bedbugs is challenging. The main issue is that to bring an apartment up to 140° requires a tremendous amount of electricity. This is not normally found in your average apartment. Add to that need to go up sometimes 30 to 40 stories and you can see how challenging it is to eliminate bed bugs using a heating method as compared to that of chemical application.

Because these heaters that are used in the process draw so much electricity in many cases the pest control companies bring in their own generators to provide the amperage required. So the next issue becomes getting that power to the heaters that are in place. The New York City fire Department does not like having electrical lines snaked up the escape stairways in fact it is law that the way of egress not be blocked. Now some may think that an electrical cable running up a stairway would not block the egress from a building but imagine now a building thrown into the dark with mass amounts of panicky people rushing down the stairways. We can understand the fire department’s point of view. So the next best option is to run electrical lines up the exterior of the building. This needs to be done very carefully and it needs to be done so that the lines are secured at least every 10 stories so that the cables are not under duress due to the amount of weight that is being sustained. So as you can see providing heat treatments in places like New York City or other major cities can be very difficult.


Now add to this the issues that come with parking. It’s hard enough to find a space for a single car in a lot of areas not to mention a medium duty truck pulling a 15 foot trailer. Sometimes the hardest part of a heat treatment for bedbugs is the preparation and getting the job set up – not actually the treatment itself.

Unfortunately due to these many challenges the costs of providing these treatments is usually much more than that that would be found outside of these types of areas. But that makes sense as we know that most things in the city cost more due to it having to be brought in or trucked in or stored. Of course when you’re trying to get rid of bed bugs in a lot of cases the first question is not”how much is it? ” But” how soon can you get it done?”

We have found a lot of companies in the tri-state area that provide high-rise heat treatments for bed bugs but one of the oldest and most experienced is A3 Superior Pest Control. You can learn more about their method at this site here.

Bed Bugs Heat Treatment|602.904.6046|Phoenix Pest Control is located in Phoenix, AZ. AZEX Pest Solutions is the original pest control company in Arizona to offer Thermal Heat Treatment to kill bed bugs. Bed bugs are becoming an epidemic and they resist almost all kinds of pest control except Heat Treatment. Thermal Heat Remidiation to kill bed bugs is environmentally safe and the fastest way to eliminate the infestation of bed bugs.

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Immediate Steps to take to when the basement floods

It si best to avoid water damage from basement flooding whenever you can. But if it happens your initial reaction coming home to a basement full of water is to panic and rush down the stairs to determine the source of water that’s creating all that damage. Unfortunately that is the wrong move as water conducts electricity and you risk  electrocution. The important thing to do is to ensure that all electrical has been shut off to that area. If in doubt call an electrician or contact the electric company and have them turn off power to your entire home. Once you are sure it is safe you can then enter the basement to find the source of flooding, start the pump out process, and take steps to remediate the water damage that has occurred. It it may be a bit overwhelming depending on the extent of damage and at that point you may want to consider a water damage contractor. A professional that can help you remediate the flooding, prevent mold growth from occurring, and get your home back to its previous condition. You will need to check what your insurance coverage will provide prior at some policies are written as to not cover water damage in less it is from an accident or some type of breakage. It is best to consult with your insurance agent first to see what exactly is covered and what your out-of-pocket costs might be. Once that has been determined it is time to pick up the phone and call  water damage restoration company. There are a lot of choices so you want to make sure that you call a company that can be on scene within several hours ready to start the flood cleanup. If the electrical has been shut down to your home they will need to have their own electrical source. In many cases the better equipped companies will have their own generation equipment such as this one, Systematic Cleaning Services, in New Jersey. In addition you want to make sure that they are fully insured, I ICRC certified (this certification shows a level of competence), and are willing to work with your insurance company in the settlement of the claim. This will probably be a stressful time but realize that a good company along with a good policy will go far to make sure that you get your life back to normal as soon as possible and with the least amount of stress. Here is a video that may help you avoid basement flooding altogether.

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If water damage is not taken care of quickly, the water damage can and will increase, making it more difficult and more costly to repair in the long run. Mold infestations are most commonly caused by water damage, so any delay in cleaning up and repairing any damage done by water could lead to a mold infestation. Mold and mildew growth can happen with in 48 hours from the time you first sustain water damage. Standing water can damage the wooden structure of your home, the drywall, the roof, siding, and even weaken the foundation of your home. Calling in a professional is the quickest and most effective way to deal with water damage.
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